Why Choose Zhipping


Zhipping has the experience in the car shipment industry. We make sure that your valuable vehicles are in good hands because we are familiar with seasonal changes, routes and road problems. We know what to expect and we react accordingly. Customers will find it delightful to do business with us.

Our Expert Staff

Zhipping's employees are the best. We are talented and trained to politely answer your questions to make sure you are satisfied. We are happy to assist you even on minor issues.


All our trucking partners are insured with a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance and $350,000 cargo insurance.

Instant Car Shipping Quotes

We have an automated car shipping calculator. This calculator is among the best in the business, we do not collect any form of payment unless you decide to do business with us.

Open 24/7

Unlike any other companies, our professional staff are working round the clock to better serve you and our trucking partners. You could reach us via email, chat or call toll-free anytime at +1(855)449-1418.

Licensed and Bonded

Zhipping is licensed and bonded as required by the U.S. Transportation Department. Our license number is MC-1029752.

See How It works.

  • Step 1. Get Your Auto Transport Quote
  • Step 2. Order Your Vehicle Transport Online or Via Customer Service Representative.
  • Step 3. We Assign You a Car Transport Carrier
  • Step 4. Your Assigned Car Delivery Service Will Call The Pickup Contact
  • Step 5. Your Car Delivery Carrier Arrives at its Destination
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s about two days to two weeks. It can be three days, for days, one week or two weeks. If you want the current pricing, then should stay within the two weeks of your first available date of ship. As much as you can try not to advance your booking more than a month in advance so as not to be affected by seasonal changes.

  • Open Ship is lower than Enclosed ship (almost 40%) and about 97% car shipping companies go Open Trailer. Open Trailer is safe and the most ideal for ordinary cars. But if you have a vintage car, collector car, luxury car or simply very expensive car (around 100,000 dollars or more) then it is proper to ship it Enclosed. Expect to pay about 40-50% more on shipment cost.

  • Yes, this is the first step to get a contract and hold a transport company liable. If you don’t pay a deposit, then the company can wiggle out responsibility for that same reason. If the company did not show up, then you can do nothing as the company may just say that you haven’t really hired it. If a company gets deposits, it recognized the faith and trust placed on them by the customer; hence they will work to perform. Otherwise, they should return the deposit.

  • This is the most problematic question because it is virtually impossible that there is no inconvenience on your art at one end or the other when shipping a car to yourself. If you can’t avoid shipping to yourself, then you should provide us information about your family, friends, relatives and people you can count on. If they are at the shipping origin, then keep your car until you get on that plane or train. Make sure your car is available then and give us your contact person, including cell phone number and address. It doesn’t mean that the car will be picked up right away because there might be no transport company available at the time. Expect a few or several days (especially if the location is remote), before a transport carrier is in the area to pick up your car. If the car is picked up, it will be delivered to your door. Waiting time depends on you distance. The usual computation is one day per 500 miles of travel so if you are 2,000 miles away that will be around 5 days. So, you will be without a car for a few days or couple of weeks. You are not shipping an overnight package but thousands of pounds of item.

  • About 90 percent of our orders are picked within a week. This of course if the origin and destination are not remote, if they are remote, the car will be picked up in less than two weeks.