Three Level Transport Quotes

Standard Auto Transport quote

The Standard Auto Transport is the most basic. It is also the lowest cost and the closes one can get to cheap car shipping. Many customers will seek standard price because of this customers are competing with one another for car transport trailer space when shipping cars. If you chose the standard price your car might be shipped right away or in a few days or possible longer if lots customers availed for standard price. And because customers flock on this standard price, shortage of transport companies may occur hence another cause of delay. Nobody can guarantee what cannot be controlled. Zhipping however will do try to exert some types of control with the second and third level pricing which are Expedited and Rush pricing respectively.

Expedited Car Shipping Quote

If you can get a standard pricing, we will give you the Expedited car shipping cost. This level of pricing is recommended if there is a logjam of similar cars priced at or near the Standard pricing. You will pay more but it will relieve you of the stress you might get from the log jams found in Standard Pricing. Pay additional amount to the car delivery service and save on rental fees on the other end. If your destination point is remote, Expedited Car Shipping Quote is just right for you. If your destination is on a remote location and you did not avail expedited car shipping cost, it will take longer to deliver your car. Our advice is to take the Expedited Car Shipping Quote. This type is very popular among our customers.

Rush Car Transport Quotes

If you are in a hurry, Our Rush car transport quotes are the best for you. It is more expensive but it is worth it if you were in a big hurry. Your car will be delivered in about two days after placing an order. This is so because car transport companies prefer rush car shipping costs orders because they give the higher income. This means that the transportation services get a full load in a short time which will allow them to pick up and deliver in a short period of time. If you are in a big rush and can’t wait Rush Car Transport Quotes is just right for you.