How Car Transport Works

Step 1. Get Your Auto Transport Quote

If you want to know how much it will cost to transport your car door to door simply click the Zhipping’s Transport Calculator and enter your origination and destination Zip Codes anywhere in the US. Then enter the information of the car; the year model and the maker. Finally, choose whether you wish to car ship Open or Enclosed. Afterward, you just click the “Get My Quote Now” button and your transport quote will be given to you. You will be provided with various payment options.

Step 2. Order your vehicle transport online or via customer service representative.

Zhipping does not get any personal information from visitors before providing them a vehicle shipping quote. Now that you have the quote and you decided to do business with us, you will fill out the online order form. Now we do need to know more about you and your vehicle because it is necessary for car transportation. Fill out the order form, and provide as your pick up and destination contact. This step will only take a few minutes. Choose the date when your vehicle is available for pickup, a car transport service will come afterward. Your vehicle will be insured up to $150,000. You will need to place a nominal deposit upon check out using your debit card or credit card. Your order form is then officially submitted. You can also call toll-free +1 (1855)-449-1418 and a customer service representative will be on the line who will ask for the same information you need to provide in the Online Order Form. You will receive an order confirmation email.

Step 3. We Assign You a Car Transport Carrier

After receiving an order confirmation email Zhipping will assign a car transport service company near your area. You will receive a Car Transport Service assignment email that contains the name of the car mover, its contact number, and estimated date for pickup and delivery.

Step 4. Your Assigned Car Delivery Service Will Call The Pickup Contact

The Car Delivery Service will not show up without contacting you first. The Car Delivery service Team will call the pick-up contact to coordinate time and place to meet, and also verify the information. It is necessary to meet up with the car delivery service in a place where the driver can safely maneuver a big truck. There are no money changes hands during pick up. No other paperwork is needed. Simply fill out a vehicle condition report and give the keys of your car to the truck driver.

Step 5. Your Car Delivery Carrier Arrives at its Destination

The driver will call the destination contact a day before arrival. They will not come unannounced. Delays should be anticipated but if they arrive, please inspect your vehicle for any damage, which rarely happens. You can speak up, make proper notes in the vehicle condition report and may even take a digital photo. Upon delivery, simply pay the car delivery service team with cash or money order check. It is very easy and simple with the right coordination.