Full truckload (FTL) shipping is one of the two different ground freight options (the other one is LTL) available for large shipment weighing 100 pounds or more. FTL means you have enough products that can fill the entire truck. FTL is good for business that needs to transport large or numerous products. If you have a high volume of products more than 15,000 pounds and will require the space of the entire truck, the FTL is your ground freight option. You may also use FTL if your product is so delicate or too valuable that you prefer a dedicated truck. FTL describes as a truck that carries one dedicated shipment. The truck will only be shipping your product. FTL is a cost-effective mode of shipment if you have enough product to fill out an entire truck. It typically consists of 10 or more pallets. If you choose FTL, you will not share truck space with other shippers.


FTL is the best way to transport a large shipment. It is also cheaper than using multiple smaller shipment. This means the cost of shipment is lower if you will use FTL when shipping a large number of products. FTL also minimize the risk of damage as the shipment stay on the same truck and products. They are not transferred during transport. This means less handling, which reduces the risk of loss or damage. In other modes such as LTL, multiple stops are involved. This may not only impact time but some products are unloaded at a certain point, allowing multiple unloading, which increases the risk of damage. Stops and unloading repeatedly increased the risk of damage and it is also time-consuming as stops and unloading kill an enormous amount of time. Because it has no multiple stops. FTL is also a faster mode of shipment.


There are numerous types of vehicles that can be used for FTL services. You can choose a variety of transportation options when you decide to transport your freight by the full truckload. The following are the type of transportation you can use to transport your freight.

  • Step Deck Trailer is another form of the flatbed trailer design that has both a bottom and top deck. They are also known as drop decks,
  • Dry Van Trailer: this is an enclosed vehicle and used if your freight is fragile and needs added protection.
  • Flatbed Trailer this is the most widely used and are an extremely popular type of transportation. They are very versatile and are often used to load freight on its sides, rear, or tip.
  • Refrigerated Trailer it a trailer that is enclosed and equipped with a temperature control unit for your shipment. If you will need to move frozen or chilled products, the refrigerated trailer is your vehicle.
  • Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailer: An RGN trailer is best used to carry long or tall freight. It comes with a detachable front and can carry up to 150,000 lbs.


For a better idea of what it costs to ship a full truckload, visit our FTL Quote page. The cost to transport heavy equipment is dependent on the size and weight of the product being shipped. The cost is also affected by the distance from pick up to delivery. If special services are needed for safe shipping experience, the cost will be higher. To get a good picture of the cost of shipment for FTL, you can take a look at our cost to FTL page. We also have our shipment calculator. Use it to get a better idea of how we work.

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