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If you are time constraint and need to rush your shipment and you need them to reach their destination ASAP then Zhipping can help you. A time-sensitive shipment is known as expedited shipment. The root word is expedited and it means to perform quickly. Expedited Shipment is a delivery that is faster than standard service. When the shipment is prioritized over others and needs fast delivery expedited shipment is ideal.

If you’re an online seller, you need to offer expedited service because the next day or two-day delivery has become a norm. You may customize if the product they order will come after three to five days. If you building your online business, you just need to offer an expedited delivery option to customers and need the service of carriers and transporters that specialized in expedited shipping. Zhipping has partners who specialize in rushing freight shipment to their destination.

 How it works

Expedited shipment can occur anywhere from the same day to as long as about three days. The most common method of shipping expedited freight is through air freight but some companies use a specialized truck to deliver the expedited shipment. For air freight shipment, your goods will be pick-up by a delivery truck and delivered to the air freight carrier. The air freight carrier takes the goods to the airport and will be pick up by a truck carrier that will deliver it to its destination. Specialized trucks used in expedited shipments are specially built for fast and safe transport.

Sending expedited freight can be expensive, because you will be paying a high premium, but if your shipment needs to reach their destination ASAP, then paying a high premium is an option. Zhipping can help you with the expedited shipment, by connecting you to companies that specialized in rushing freight shipment.

 Types of expedited shipment:

  • Express delivery (1-3 days typically for international services)
  • Next-day delivery, this type of service has become popular with buyers and sellers alike. It now emerges as the new industry standards in the online market place. At zhipping, next day delivery is not just available it is also affordable.
  • Same-day delivery

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