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Zhipping will safely move your car across town, from city to city, from state to state. At Zhipping you can move your car at a cost you can afford. We at Zhipping understand that you want the safest and fastest way to move your car to its destination.

As you have noticed there is a lot more involved in the process and sometimes you might see the process as very complicated. Zhipping will make your car transport service easy and fast. You can call us or Chat with us all the things you need to know about car transport. With Zhipping, you can find just that. Zhipping will help you figure out how to transport your cart in the safest possible way and for a price that you will find very reasonable.

If you need to move your car from one destination to another, you generally have two options: Open Auto Transport and Enclosed Auto | motocycle Transport. Enclosed Auto | motocycle Transport can be more expensive and can be more difficult to schedule compared with Open Auto transport. In Open auto transport carriers, your car will not be protected from elements such as rain, snow, dust, insects, and hails among others. But transport companies can guarantee you safe transport or your car. They can bring your car to its final destination in good condition. Truck drivers are highly trained and have long years of experience. They understand the value of their cargo. Also if you chose Open Auto Transport, your car will be neatly strapped and packed in the auto transport carrier. It cost less than enclosed transport. But sometimes accidents happen and if you want to have a peace of mind you may need to pay extra to avail the Enclosed Auto | motocycle transport. This is car shipping option can give you peace of mind especially if you need to transport a classic or custom car. In this option, your car will be housed in a covered truck. However, these car transports carriers can only carry a few vehicles at a time, in most cases, up to five cars, hence; they need to charge you additionally to cover for the loss. This makes open auto transport costly. But with closed auto transport, your car will be protected from weather elements such as insects, dust, rain, hail, sun, and the like. This option offers better protection for your car while it’s being transported.

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